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Tomatolab is a collective of experts from a wide range of backgrounds.

We work in the fields of

Branding. Design. Strategy. Digital. Storytelling. Animation. Film. Photography. Scenography.

We’re a collective of creative thinkers, strategists, digital innovators, designers and problem solvers.

Vincent Knecht

Creative Consultant, Storyteller

He draws the red thread through the project. Master in the graphic arts and a visual narrator tout court. He directs and supervises the project and ensures the symbioses between the team, client and stakeholders.

Bas Pattyn

Graphic Designer, Multidisciplinary artist

A silent force with a grand fantasy. He contrasts in a fascinating way in the creation process compared to his 2 companions. Is it because he often also works 3D in his plastic and interior design?

Patrick Hannaert

Brand Designer

For more than 10 years the sparring partner in the many identities. During the design phase he is an uncontrolled creature beast who never fears the ‘white leaf’. But schizophrenic as he is, he can then proceed very analytically in making choices and elaborations.

Davy Tollenaere

SEO / SEA Specialist

Kenneth Michiels

Filmmaker, director

Kenneth is an experienced Filmmaker with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry. Skilled in directing, camera, creative writing. Strong operations professional with a MA focused in FilmDirecting from KASK HoGent.

Inge Van Waesberghe

Recruitment analyst, talent & career coach

Inge has twenty years of experience in human resources, talent management, coaching & consulting within leading international companies.

Stef Verbeeck

Brand Strategist

As a brand consultant and consultant, Stef is active in advising organizations in developing or maintaining the identity of both companies and products; and advising people who want to make a strong personal brand themselves.

Ophelia Vancampenhout

Web wizardry, graphic design & Drupal

Ophelia has been writing HTML since the stone age of internet. Since then, she has been working on making the web more legible and more pleasant to look at. She loves bold typography and open source technology. Coffee keeps her awake.

Jan van der Vloet

Content communication

Strategic communication with all stakeholders is of the utmost importance for changes – from small to large – to be accepted. Thinking from the target group is also an important condition for a project to succeed.

Robin Vinck

Wordpress / Angular professional

Robin is extremely driven and has a huge passion for multimedia. He’s known as a very approachable personality who values service very much.

Filip Claus

Press photographer

Filip is a Belgian photojournalist. He focuses on street photography and ‘life reportage’ style.

Simon Otten

Interaction and character designer

Interaction, animation & design. – microsites, desktop applications, mobile applications, digitaltelevision, touchscreen kiosks Specialties: – educational multimedia (on- and offline) – digitalillustration – character design – animation for multimedia applications.

Wieland De Hoon

Copyrighter and interviewer

Wieland De Hoon is an experienced editor and an avid interviewer. Specializing in long copy, his preferred topics include work and economy, social entrepreneurship and social innovation, technology and health care – but hey, everything’s got a good story in it. And why not a pinch of history, art or travel journalism?

Geert Detaeye

Creative photographer

Geert’s approach is subtle and clever; he photographs and rearranges what he sees, reinventing and manipulating what is actually taking place at a given moment in time. He combines flawless techniques with the force of persuasion, irony and empathy. The truth is not always apparent and his work never ceases to captivate.

Rudi De Rechter

Graphic Designer and Art Director

Rudi is a skilled graphic designer and art director with a passion for typography. He creates strong visual concepts for print and digital. This includes logos and prototypes, A-Z communication campaigns, printed magazines and exhibition concepts.

Ans Brys


Ans works as a freelancer for several newspapers and organisations, and teaches Photography at KdG University College in Antwerp.

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